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When I read this story for the first time, I was deeply moved by Shadrach's nature of being unassuming and goodness. Facing the discrimination of American to immigrants and his sons' instigation, he can stick to what he thinked right and not be affected by his sons. And when it need him to change, he can even do better than his sons. I can still remember these sentences that give me profound impression: "Then I will keep my beard as it is. I am a newly landed Russian Jew." "But you may have whatever money you need. After all, I have nothing but you two. " Compared with most immigrants, Shadrach had these worshipful virtue they don't have. Many people forget these qualities that their former nation, their former religion and their families gave them. They are easy being effected by new cultures and others' opinions. So I think that every culture has it own advantages and disadvantages, so it's necessary for every immigrant to learn to absorb these benefits and not being affected by these disanvantages.

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