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Briefly speaking, I am a person who enjoys playing games and reading books, however is not very interested in studying. In this class, I learned how to read an English story and analyze it deeply, which also help me a lot in the reading of Chinese articles. After studied for a semester, I have a great improvement in the level of my English.


In this blog, I posted six articles which I wrote in the Academic Writing Class. In these articles, I mainly talk about my thoughts about the story “The Americanization of Shadrach Cohen”. In the reading log, I post the brief destruction of this story. And in the Draft 1-3, I discuss the thesis of “What is the difference between the Americanization of Shadrach Cohen and that of his two sons?


Frankly, I am not good at writing. The most common problem I meet when I’m writing is that I know how to express my ideas in Chinese, however can’t write it down in English. And as I don’t master enough English words, these bugs such as the wrong spelling of words, the mistakes of using the wrong word…can always be seen in my articles. Even though, I do realize that I had a great improve in my writing. Now, when I’m writing about something, I know how to and what to write about it.
I did my best to write these articles, please give me your advice after reading them.

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